Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lil Daggers - Lil Daggers [2011]

I like these guys. I think they're cool and have a good sound. There. Does that explain this album enough? Like I said before; I suck at describing music so... my word will have to do it for ya. And if my word doesn't cut it, well then... Maybe it would be time for us to schedule some things up. Wadda ya say? And hey, you know, like, when you're cutting up lettuce, to like, put in your salad, and shit, and like, you can see that the lettuce is kind of like, green, in color, and shit, and like, it looks good to eat. Well, like, it looks those ways because it's true. Green. Tasty. Yes! It is lettuce! You must be reeeeeally uninterested in this blog and my stuff now, if you made it all the way through this posting so far, and really, that's ok. I will sleep good knowing the fact that you know I will be getting good sleep, pretty much no matter what happens. Lest on this blog. Lest? ..............Shhhhhhh... here's the music: 

**** daggers